Site detailing the people, places and major events making up the American Civil War of 1861-1865.

The Lost Cause: The American Civil War: 1861 – 1865 (States of Siege #4) from the publishers website: After the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, State after.

A summary of Major Battles: 1861–1863 in History SparkNotes's The Civil War 1850–1865. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of.

English: The American Civil War (1861–1865) was an insurrection fought between the United States of America and several rebellious slave-owning states in.

Although over one hundred fifty years have passed since the start of the American Civil War, that titanic conflict continues to matter. The forces unleashed by that.

The American Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865. It was fought between the northern states of America, known as the Union, and the Southern states of…

A New Birth of Freedom: The Civil War, 1861-1865 narrates the history of the American Civil War. While it examines individual engagements and the overall.

This database contains the names of approximately 6.3 million soldiers who served in the American Civil War. In addition to their names, information that may be.

Medical and surgical care during the American Civil War, 1861–1865. deaths of Confederate soldiers was destroyed when Richmond burned on April 2, 1865.

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26 May 2010. The American Civil War was fought from 1861 until 1865. It began after Virginia and ten other states in the southern United States seceded from.

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In March 1861 in his First Inaugural Address, Lincoln indicated that although he had. Aside from emancipation, the Civil War also affected blacks through their.

In 1861, the Civil War erupted in the United States. As the number. Slavery tore apart countless black families before it was abolished in 1865. Centuries later.

(from the designer:) The Price of Freedom: The American Civil War, 1861-65 is Renaud Verlaque's second published design after Age of Napoleon, winner of.

Records 401 – 830. The American Civil War, 1861-1865. View items in this exhibit. Texas' secession from the United States expanded the role of the Rangers.

A major part of this era was the American Civil War (1861-1865), which broke out after the Confederate states seceded from the Union. The Union victory meant.

How Did The Constitution Unify The States Reconstruction, the period (1865–77) after the American Civil War during which attempts were made to redress the inequities of slavery and its political, social, and economic legacy and to solve the problems arising from the readmission to the Union of the 11 states that had seceded. States if it did not unify itself. Although Rhode

American Civil War 1861 – 1865. General Historical Impact. Traditionally, it was assumed that the slump in the cotton industry was the simple result of a shortage.

25 Sep 2019. The New York State Library holds an extensive collection of material on the American Civil War in print, microform, and online formats. Civil War.